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Hyun (Lisa) Kim is a SECOND GENERATION licensed acupuncturist, and has managed to develop the simplest yet most effective form of all Eastern healing for PAIN, wellness, anti-aging. As well as, many other problems using the best methods of Asia.

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    She practiced throughout her youth and into adulthood with her mother Dr. Bae, studied in China, Japan, and Korea, and at her clinic in Japan.

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    She has worked at her brother’s clinic with her Mother since 2005.

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    Try our family secret treatments using Korean, Japanese, and Chinese's ancient, and natural healing methods! Let your body become a healing machine!!!



Pain-less Acupuncture

Needle-Free Pain Treatment

Non-Invasive Wrinkle Treatment

Internal Organ Evaluation & Treatment

(Numbing Ointment is available upon request)


Lymphatic Drainage Moving Cupping Massage

Other therapy

Cupping Therapy

Magnet Therapy

Electro-Stimulation Therapy


Infra-red Therapy

Guasha (Skin-Stimulating Technique)



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    Auto Accident Cases

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Treatment Info/Benefits


Our Treatment Includes

Acupuncture, Cupping therapy (Plastic), Cupping massage, Magnet therapy, Electo-stimulation, Internal Organ Evaluation, Consultation, Acupressure (please check to see if you are eligible for acupressure)


Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy and Cupping Massage

$$Please Ask (55 minutes)

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Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine that focus on balancing yin and yang and 12 major organs to stabilize, strengthen and send signals to the brain to produce the right kind of medicine for specific illnesses.

Human body has the amazing ability to heal itself and its our job to make this possible by stimulating acupuncture points. By using thin needles, detoxing, and balancing the body. Each point benefits organs and certain body parts to help our body to produce the right kind of medicine to treat illnesses. Choosing the right points is the keys for successful treatments


Cupping Therapy

Benefits of Cupping therapy is reduce chronic/acute pain, detox and lower swelling/inflammation, promote healing, repair damaged tissue, increase blood flow, remove blood clots, stimulate skin, benefit Lung and Large intestine meridians, stimulate 12 major organs, treat skin problems, repair cellulite, and a lot more


Magnet Therapy

Benefits of magnet therapy are reducing insomnia, appetite, stress, pain, harmonizing Yin and yang and 12 major organs, unblock blocked Qi (Energy) flow to improve organ functions.

Moxabustion/Heat Therapy

Moxabustion is very popular in Asia for stronger stimulation to speed up the healing process, treats many different types of pain, dilates vessels to increase the blood circulation, opens stagnation of qi or any blockages, warms the body to treat cold-related illnesses, relaxes the muscles, turns the breech babies and so much more!

GuaSha/Scratching Therapy

GuaSha is used to raise and remove blood stagnation, promote blood circulation, and detox lymphatic system to treat many illnesses (mainly: pain, stiffness, skin problems, fever, chill, cough, wheeze, nausea, vomiting))

cupping therapy


Cupping therapy is one of the oldest healing tools ever made in human history. It was recorded on "hwang-je-nae-gyeong" “황제내경" one of the oldest Chinese/Korean Eastern Medicine books, about 5,000 years ago and widely used in many countries today. Napoleon also often used cupping for stomach pain.


Used to treat for Pain, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Cellulite, Edema, Facial Edema, Eye bags, Migraine, Rheumatism, Constipation, Weight Loss, Cold, Asthma, Nasal Congestion, Eyelid Twitches....

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    Increase blood circulation, Immune system.

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    Detoxification, Muscle Relaxation, Remove Blood and Qi stagnation that cause problems, Nourish muscles, tendons and internal organs, Balance, stimulate and strengthen internal organs and meridians system, Balance and stable nervous system.

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    Repair skin (sagging skin, acne, scar tissue, stretch marks...), Tones facial muscles.



Weight Loss/Body Treatments

Ear Acupuncture and Magnet Therapy, Diet Consultation, Sugar, Wine, Chocolate Craving Treatment, Detox, Intestinal Cleansing, Decrease Appetite, Cellulite Treatment, Stretch mark Treatments.

Acute/Chronic Pain Treatments

Back Pain, Head Aches, Migraine, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Sports Injury Pain, Hip Pain, Stomach Pain, Leg Pain, Foot Pain, Tooth Pain, Facial Pain, Fibromyalgia, Sports Injury Pain, Work-Related Pain, Arm Pain, Tennis Elbow, Wrist pain, Golfer's elbow, soreness, Sprain, Over-used & over-stretched muscles and tendons, inflammation pain, Groin pain, Hernia pain, TMJ, Auto Accident pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, GOUT pain, Arthritis pain, PMS pain, Bone pain, Muscle Pain, Joint pain, Sciatica, More...

GI disorder Treatments

Constipation, Loose Stools, Diarrhea, Bad Digestion, Bloating, Stomach discomfort, Reflux Disease, IBS, Heartburn, Severe diarrhea, Dumping Syndrome, Stomach Pain.

Liver Disorder

Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Depression, Stress, Stress-related Hair Loss (Temporal, Patches, Vertex), Leg Pain (Inner and Outer), Knee pain, Sciatica, Migraine Head Ache (Temporal and Vertex)/ Chest Pain or Rib Pain (Liver and Gall Bladder Area), Hip Pain, Thigh (Outer and Inner) Pain, Easily Irritable, Facial Redness (Cheeks), Dizziness, Numbness, Twitching or Spasm of Muscle, Eye Problems, Red eyes.

Lung & Heart Disorde

Chest Pain, Palpitations, Night Sweating, Cold hands or Feet, Poor Memory, Dizziness, Insomnia, Swelling of hands or feet, Easily Awaken, Irregular Heartbeat, Shoulder pain, Arm pain (Elbow, Back of the arm), Finger pain (2nd-5th fingers), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Bad memory.

Lung Disorder

Phlegm, Depression, Skin Problem, Itchy skin, Acne, Sore Throat, Pain with a deep breath, Spontaneous Sweating, Difficulty in Breathing, Skin itchiness, Any Skin problems, Arm pain, Hand pain (1st-2nd fingers), Upper back pain, Red nose, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

Spleen and Stomach Disorder

Stomach Pain, Gas Fullness, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, GERD, Nausea, Vomiting, Belching, Indigestion, Bad Breath, Prolapse, Bruise (easily), Fatigue, Constipation, Lose Stool, Diarrhea, Abdominal Distension, Abdominal Cramps, Groin pain, Leg pain, Knee pain, Weak Veins and Arteries, Over weight, Increased hunger, Phlegm, Lower Back Pain

Kidney Disorder

Ear Ringing, Hearing Loss, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Leg pain, Joint Pain, Hair Loss, Easily Frightened, Edema (water Retention), Urinary Problem, UTI, Night Urination, Reproductive problem, Hormone problem, Bone problem, Ear problem


Acne Treatments, Discoloration, Dark Spots, Excessive Sweating, Rosacea, Grey patches on skin, Eye Problems, Eye pain, Eyelid Twitching, Restlessness, Insomnia, Recurring inflammation, Low immune system, Bad Memory, Low Appetite for Kids, Swollen Neck and more!

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